Sunday, 23 November 2008

Bopp Till You Drop

Andy Bopp, lead singer, guitarist, and main songwriter with the band
Myracle Brah shocked fans last month with a radical departure from the
norm. First make a solo album, and then make it an all acoustic affair
with eight stripped down versions of previously released songs, then
add four new songs to the package to keep the fans happy.

Andy highlights material mostly from his early career with songs from
Life From Planet Eartsnop, Bleeder, Plate Spinner and both Love Nut
albums (Andy's Pre Myracle Brah outfit). If you don't know Love Nut
- their two albums on Merkin are also worth checking out.

Entitled This Guitar Kills Singer Songwriters the solo album was
released on October 21 on the Rainbow Quartz label.

It was interesting to hear the acoustic versions of songs I'm already
very familiar with and to hear the new material. In general I think
if you have never heard Myracle Brah's music you need to go back to
their extensive catalog to truly appreciate this solo album by
listening to the original Myracle Brah versions first. Personally, I
prefer the crunchier sound of the electric guitar vs. the acoustic.

For those of you not familiar with Myracle Brah, their music is
defined by extremely short, under 3 minute powerpop gems that have an
immediacy and passion that grabs you. Perhaps one of the reasons
there is a rawness to their sound is due to the fact that Andy Bopp
does all of his recording in the garage of his home; when the mood
strikes him he can just meander down to his studio and capture his

I was fortunate to see Myracle Brah in the fall of 2004 when they
performed at Arlene's Grocery in NYC for that particular year's
International Pop Overthrow Fest; their performance far surpassed my

Back to 'This Guitar Kills...' - The album begins with a favorite of
mine in its original format Whisper Softly- This version is
stark, but it's catchy, haunting melody pervades. Other favorites on
the album include "Broken" , Good Day To The Night and "Hearts on Fire".
I believe Lennon and McCartney would have been quite chuffed to
have come up with these melodies.

All in all an album for committed fans rather than a new audience, but
as a sketch before the full canvas of another Brah album, this will do
just dandy.

Some interviews with Andy Bopp are found here:

Love Nut
  • Bastards of Melody - (Merkin) 1996
  • Baltimucho (Merkin) 1998
Myracle Brah
  • Life on Planet Eartsnop (Not Lame) 1998
  • Plate Spinner (Not Lame) 1999
  • Myracle Brah (Not Lame) 2000
  • Bleeder (Not Lame) 2001
  • Super Automatic (Rainbow Quartz Records) 2002 - 14 song compilation
  • Treblemaker (Rainbow Quartz Records) 2003
  • Can You Hear the Myracle Brah (Rainbow Quartz International) 2007

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