Saturday, 11 September 2010

End Of Summer Blues

No one likes seeing the end of summer especially in England where sunny days are never at a premium.With the ending of one season comes the dread of the shorter gray days and the unending rain.On a positive note due to my lack of posts lately here is another play list of songs which happen to come from all the bands I've discovered in the past few weeks. The songs might not fall under the aegis of powerpop like other music reviewed here in the past but nevertheless my intention is that some of you discover some new bands that you wouldn't have otherwise found.

For those who are possibly wondering where the review of Liverpool's IPO Fest is it will still be posted even if it's a bit late.

Enjoy the play list! For those who don't have access to Spotify my apologies.

August Discoveries 2010

Here's a brief overview of some of the bands whose songs appear on the play list.

The Blue Van hail from Denmark.Their sound seems to be more reminiscent of a gritty blues sound from the 70's. Those of you who were fans of Free should like this track which comes from the CD Dear Independence which was released in 2006.

Not sure how I could have missed the music of Baby Woodrose who coincidentally come from Denmark also! This particular song could have come from a best of garage mix from the late 60's. Those of you who favor that particular genre should thank me for this gem.

Next is cover of I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night originally done by The Electric Prunes. So impressed with Davie Allen and the Arrows that I've included 2 tracks here.

If you enjoy pristine harmonies and songs that only improve with age like a good bottle of wine next track by the Straw Dogs will satisfy. One can always wonder how such a good band with 5 albums to their name can fall under the radar but many of us have exposure to such a plethora of music both old and new, some overplayed and undiscovered.

Last 2 songs on the play list from Josh Pyke and Or, The Whale also fall under the category of alt-country.

Feel free to leave comments if you particularly enjoyed any of these songs and please above all support these musicians.