Tuesday, 9 September 2008

High On Stress: A Mini Interview

On Saturday we reviewed High On Stress's new album "Cop Light Parade". Today (slightly later than advertised) we have an interview where I was fortunate enough to be able to direct some questions to the four members of High on Stress.

They all come from the Twin Cities, Minnesota and initially got together five years ago. Their first CD "Moonlight Girls" was released to great acclaim in July 2005 and their second "Cop Light Parade" officially released this month, we reviewed a couple of days ago (see below).

If you could have recorded your CD in any other decade when would it be and why? If there is a collective view that is similar discuss that decade. If it varies greatly from member to member please put forth separate opinions.

– I would say the early 70's would have been a pretty sweet time to record music. There were a lot of great records put out back then "Sticky Fingers" and "Plastic Ono Band" for example.

Jim - I would be particular to the New Wave sound because it wouldn't matter what kind of crazy ass thing you'd do. It would be creative. I would also love to make a Cure record. That stuff just has a vibe that gets to the sad bastard in you.

Mark – '70s. I think a lot of our music is rooted in the rock bands and singer/songwriters of that era. The more recent influences we have drawn from the 70's primarily, so that seems to be the most compelling time in music for us directly and indirectly.

Chad - I would say the '90s. I really love the drum sounds on the records during that time period.

Nick - I think I just found out why it took us three years for our follow-up. It took us that long just to agree on how our record should sound!

What was the first album purchased by each member of the band?

– Prince Purple Rain
Jim - Miley Cyrus Breakout
Mark – Beatles Red" Album
Chad - Nirvana Nevermind

How do you find the music scene in the Twin Cities?

The music scene in the Twin Cities is fantastic. There are a lot of different kinds of music that are accepted across the board. You should check out the Glad Version, the Red Flags, the Snaps, Tuesdays Robot and the Small Cities. There really is some great music coming from here.

Many thanks for the recommendations guys, we shall have a look and good luck with the success of the new album.

Interview: Debra47

The majority of the time this blog will only focus on powerpop music, but sometimes there will be a slight deviation. This is one of those times. Bands like High On Stress whose music loosely falls into the alt country genre will be more fully explored on my husbands blog: Hot Licks, Cold Steel and Cosmic Skies due to be launched in the next few weeks.

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