Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Women Love Music Too!

My husband has told me that in his experience women's interest in contemporary music barely stays with them beyond their 20's before they start sounding like nostalgia machines. I have to admit in my own experience also it has been rare for me to find female friends who shared my ongoing passion.

I have wanted to do a music blog as far back as when I first heard of blogs. Despite the fact that there are so many music blogs online I still feel I have something valuable to contribute to the discourse. If it weren't for my enthusiasm for music I probably wouldn't be living in England as my husband is as serious if not more about music than me. I'm hoping that those individuals who decide to read my blog will discover a renewed interest in music.


MrQwerty said...

Wow, I didn't know chicks dug music too? Fancy exploring a record shop with me sometime soon Miss PPReview?

Jessepop said...

Welcome in Power Pop Blog World !

jessepop / Girl on Lsd

Anonymous said...

well done...great blog
Girls That Love Power Pop Rule!!

San Diego Momma said...

I am SO glad you finally did this site.
Most of my friends don't share my love for music, and you always share the most outstanding recommendations for something new for me to listen to.

GREAT site, Debra!


Patty said...

Hey Debra,
very cool blog! Now if somehow you could just incorporate your great recipes... ;-)

Power Pop Review said...

Really appreciate all the comments made so early on in the life of my blog. Many thanks to all of the above if I didn't already thank you personally.